Our monthly bookkeeping service is exactly what you need if you are a busy business owner who wants to keep on top of their finances and focus on your business.  We love crunching the numbers and providing you with information to develop and grow your business.  

We can complete your bookkeeping accurately and within your required timescale.  We will keep on top of deadlines for you and provide you with the reassurance of working with professionals.  This gives you the time to focus on what you enjoy and achieve your business goals.

Our Bookkeeping services are payable monthly in advance by direct debit. Read more about our bookkeeping service below.

Bookkeeping Service


What is bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping is the recording of financial transactions within your business. Transactions include, purchases, sales, receipts and payments.  Bookkeeping refers mainly to the record keeping aspect of financial accounting.  Regardless of how big your business is, having your financial information readily available is really important.  Your bookkeeping records can help you make decisions about growing your business and can also highlight areas where you could save money or improve services. 


What is included in the monthly bookkeeping service?

  • A monthly bookkeeping report
  • A full list of transactions for each month
  • A useful breakdown of income and expenses into categories.
  • Pie charts to demonstrate this breakdown
  • Tax and NI forecasting
  • Your annual tax return is included in the monthly price.

What are the benefits of using the monthly bookkeeping service? 

You will receive accurate and timely information on the financial performance of your business.  This gives you the information you need each month to plan and grow.  The breakdown of income and expenditure allows you to see which products / services are performing the best and where you are spending the most money.  This highlights where savings can be made.  You get a forecast of tax and NI liabilities, and student loan repayments if you need this, this means you can save for the end of the year and not be met by a surprise from your tax return!  You will receive year round support from us so if you have any questions concerning your finance or eligibility for grants etc. we have you covered.  We aim to get your records back to you within two weeks of receiving your paperwork so you can count on getting timely information.  And finally, the cost of your annual tax return is included within the monthly price and we guarantee all monthly customers tax returns are submitted before the end of May following the tax year end.  This gives you plenty of time to pay your tax bill. 

Prices from £49.00, get in touch to find out more!

What our customers say about our bookkeeping service:

Lauren says:

“Rachel has fast become an fantastic asset to my business – in just over a month she has completed and backdated my bookkeeping for the last two years. Each month has an overview page to show me clear details and insights into my income and outgoing payments.

Rachel is now also mid way through registering me for VAT and completing my tax return.

The best part about Rachel’s service is how well she explains everything. This is my first larger scale business and it has grown faster than I could keep up with. I’ve been learning things very quickly and Rachel has taught me everything I need to know about my finances, and in doing so has relieved a lot of stress and worry.

I no longer have sleepless nights worrying if I’m doing things right, because Rachel is doing it for me and I know she is doing everything in an organised and accurate manner. Her advice and guidance is priceless.

Thank you Rachel!”

Gill says:

“Rachel has been looking after my accounts for two years, I just give her my receipts and invoices and she does the rest. It’s great knowing that I don’t have to worry about the taxman! I highly recommend Bright Bookkeeping Services.”



Emma says:

“Rachel is so lovely and approachable, she is super knowledgeable and is a great asset to my business. One less thing to worry about each month!”


We understand that your financial information is important and we take many steps to ensure your data is kept secure. All spreadsheets, documents and software associated to your business that is digitally stored is password encrypted. Any correspondence containing sensitive data that is sent via email will be sent as an attachment and will also be password encrypted. Physical paperwork is stored under lock and key. Your paperwork is isolated from any other clients so you can rest assured your information is safe. Full back ups of all data are taken once a week, and individual back ups are taken each time a change has been made to data. You can view our Confidentiality Statement here.

Want to find out more about our bookkeeping services? Get in touch