Are you looking for a payroll service provider?  We provide comprehensive payroll services for businesses small and large.  Outsourcing your payroll can provide you with a cost effective way of ensuring you are meeting your obligations as an employer with regards to pensions, PAYE and statutory payments.

Depending upon the size of your business we will use HMRC’s basic PAYE tool or a software that works for you to process your payroll on a weekly or monthly basis.  

We will take care of all FPS and EPS submissions and pension administration to give you the peace of mind you are meeting your obligations as an employer.  


Payroll Service

With our payroll processing services you will be provided with a comprehensive payroll solution.  We offer weekly or monthly payroll processing, or a combination of both depending on what best suits your business.  

What is included in this service:

  • Weekly or monthly payroll processing.
  • Workplace pension administration.
  • EPS & FPS submissions.
  • Statutory payment processing.
  • Starter and leaver administration.

Price from £15 for one employee per process date and £5 per additional employee 


We understand that your financial information is important and we take many steps to ensure your data is kept secure. All spreadsheets, documents and software associated to your business that is digitally stored is password encrypted. Any correspondence containing sensitive data that is sent via email will be sent as an attachment and will also be password encrypted. Physical paperwork is stored under lock and key. Your paperwork is isolated from any other clients so you can rest assured your information is safe. Full back ups of all data are taken once a week, and individual back ups are taken each time a change has been made to data. You can view our Confidentiality Statement here.

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