Are you in need of Tax Return help or a self-assessment filing service?  You are in the right place!  We offer a self assessment tax return services to individuals and business owners.  This service is for people that would prefer to keep their own records but would like the reassurance of using a professional when it comes to submitting their returns.

With our Tax Return service we make it as easy as possible for you.  You send your records to us and we do the rest. If you need help with maintaining your records then please visit our bookkeeping services page.

The deadline for filing you tax return is January 31st following the end of the financial year you are filing for.  

Self Assessment Service


Self Assessment Tax Return


Our self assessment tax return filing service is for individuals who would like the reassurance of having their tax return checked and filed on their behalf.  

What does this service include:

  • Registering with HMRC as your agent to deal with self-assessment on your behalf.
  • Checking of your records to ensure all income and expense is accounted for correctly.
  • Submitting of your tax return on your behalf.

You send us all your details and we do the rest, we give you the opportunity to review your tax calculation before submitting your return.

Price £125

Pay by Direct Debit

direct debit

You can choose to spread the cost of your tax return across the year by paying in advance by direct debit.

Benefits of paying by direct debit:

  • Your tax return is paid for in 12 easy monthly payments.
  • As a registered customer you can contact us throughout the year with any queries you may have.
  • Receive a 10% direct debit discount.


We understand that your financial information is important and we take many steps to ensure your data is kept secure. All spreadsheets, documents and software associated to your business that is digitally stored is password encrypted. Any correspondence containing sensitive data that is sent via email will be sent as an attachment and will also be password encrypted. Physical paperwork is stored under lock and key. Your paperwork is isolated from any other clients so you can rest assured your information is safe. Full back ups of all data are taken once a week, and individual back ups are taken each time a change has been made to data. You can view our Confidentiality Statement here.

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